Adbro controls exhibiting at the thames valley expo

Daniel Moore & Matthew Bailey representing Adbro Controls Ltd

Adbro Controls stand at the thames valley epo

Adbro Controls staff interacting with visitors of the expo

On Thursday 10th October, we headed to Green Park in Reading as exhibitors at The Great British Expo, Thames Valley. An opportunity for regional businesses to come together showcasing their abilities, network and take advantage of the various keynote talks the expo had to offer. The directors of the great British expo organise multiple events up and down the united kingdom throughout the year. Allowing businesses from all over, the opportunity to engage with potential new clients and suppliers.

The exhibition enabled us to meet with individuals from a variety of industries and introduce our services to them. Being an engineering based company, one may assume that we only help those in the same sort of industry. This is not the case, and this exhibition allowed us to express that. Our electrical, mechanical and IT services are favourable among companies that require someone to come in and offer support packages to keep their businesses running smoothly. Whilst we have worked with some big names in the past, our work is not exclusive to the larger sized companies, our services are for everyone looking for a innovative solution to improve their business.

Businesses are becoming more aware of automation, Taking a keen interest on how best it can be implemented into their workplace. A common misconception is that the implementation of automation  such as robotics and cameras, results in individuals losing their jobs. This is not always always the case. Automation can be used to help improve businesses in a variety of ways. Reducing downtime, automatic data capture and comparison, uninterrupted monitoring. You can see how automation has helped businesses in the uk by taking a look at the case studies we have on our website.


We will also be exhibiting at the Great British Expo South West event in Bristol on the 28th November 2019.