Training course for engineers wearing harness' and hard hats

Adbro Controls engineers participating in onsite training with MRS Training & Rescue


Within our line of work as system integrators, we can take on a wide range of different projects. The variety is what makes our job exciting. We ensure that our engineers hold the correct training certificates to cover the varying types of projects that are presented to us by our clients.


Earlier this month, five of our engineers headed to Cardiff to undergo training courses held by MRS Training and Rescue. They enrolled onto two of the many courses offered by the company; working safely at height and medium risk confined spaces. Both courses were required as a result of securing a large-scale project within the shafts at water pumping station in Wales.

We have worked at this pumping station in the past, so whilst we were familiar with the workings of the site, we were yet to participate in working physically in the shafts themselves. With this being new territory for us, it was imperative that we took all the correct safety measures in preparation for the project.

The working safely at height course was the shortest of the two, taking only 1 day to complete. During the course, they learnt key skills including ascending and descending safely and the correct use of ladders, harnesses and lanyards. In terms of the more theory-based information, the course covered areas such as hazards and risks, codes of practice and correct methods of inspection, storing and maintenance of all equipment.

For this project at the water pumping station, our engineers would be tasked with working in a narrow, restrictive area whilst in the shafts. The two-day medium risk confined spaces course allowed them to understand the how best to prepare for such environment, focusing on safe entry and exit procedures, the use of escape breathing apparatus (should it be required), how to deal with emergencies and the appropriate handling of tools and equipment.

Through the combination of both theory and practical training, all five of our engineers successfully completed both courses over a span of 3 days, each receiving a certification that will be valid for the next 3 years.



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