Two robots on a conveyorbelt

What are the benefits of automation? This is a question often asked by our clients when they come to us looking to make improvements to their manufacturing process.

Introducing automation to some is a daunting thought. Such thinking may have materialised due to lack of understanding how automation works, perhaps there are concerns about cost, or worries about how automation could be implemented effectively into their business. These are all valid points, and to help individuals have a better understanding of what the benefits of automation are, we’ve put together a list to showcase the advantages of implementing it into your workplace.

Integrate with ease

When business’ have existing process systems already in place, there are occasions where the desired result can be achieved simply by adding elements of automation to it, rather than having to look at a completely new process design. This can be achieved in many different ways, such as software & hardware upgrades, programming for robotics & PLC’s, upgrades to panels and vision equipment

Return on investment

The use of equipment to automate systems or production processes within the manufacturing industry is on the rise. With its many benefits, businesses continue to integrate new technologies to achieve a leaner and more efficient working environment. Automation is a great way to see return on investment quickly; Lead times are improved, production capacity can be increased, cost savings are made among many other benefits.

Optimisation of the workplace

Automation can play a large role in helping a workplace run as efficiently as possible. It works particularly well for businesses that operate with limited space or capacity. Robotics and pallet stackers are just two ways that those looking to integrate automation without sacrificing space opt for, thanks to their smaller footprint thus taking up minimum floorspace. Automating mundane tasks allows business owners to redirect resource elsewhere, getting more out of their investment.

Competitive Advantage

A major benefit of automation in manufacturing is the ability to take a business to the next level within such a competitive market. Increasing production speed, expanding capacity and improving levels of inspection are just a few ways that can help a business become a cut above the rest. Clients seek out those who can provide a more advanced service to help them with their needs. By implementing automation in the appropriate areas, manufacturers gain an advantage over their competitors in terms of service provided.


Below are just a few examples where Adbro Controls have helped those in the manufacturing sector using automation.

Flow wrapper infeed upgrade

Stand alone defect detection system

Automatic rejection system for faulty product