Adbro Controls Services

Automation services to help keep processes on the move

Mechanical Engineering

We use our engineering expertise to provide new or upgraded machine builds and retrofits.
There are no industry limitations, minimum size or quanity requirements, just good old fashioned mechanical engineering.

Electrical Engineering

Utilise our electrical design and build services for a innovative and modern controls based process.
Catering for those looking for control panels of all sizes to meet a range of capabilities.


Automated measurement and control plays a large part in many successful processes.
We endevour to provide the most suitable monitoring systems to suit our clients requirements.

Consultancy & Design

Good foundations at the start of a project are paramount.
Our engineers will use their experience and knowledge to advise how best to achieve your desired goals.

Build & Installation

All custom designs are all bult in-house, followed by final testing.
Dedicated installation teams are on hand to answer any questions, and provide a successful install for the end user.


On site commissioning is where everything comes together.
Engineers compete thorough testing of our systems section by section before handover to the end user

Support & Maintenance

Support for new and existing clients. Ensuring your processes keep moving 24/7