Adbro Controls Products

Products to maximise your processes and work flow

Vision Systems

There are a  variety of ways implementing a vision based system can help your business.

From product inspection and rejection  through to location tracking and more!

Control Panels

No control panel is too complex, big or small.

Well designed and built panels make a significent different to your controls process.

Eddy Current Crack Detection

The perfect piece of equipment to aid the management of scrap reduction in addition to warraty and liability costs for manufacturing businesses.

Pallet Stackers and De-stackers

Taking pallet organisation, storage and relocation to the next level.

Allowing businesses to optimise the flow within their workspace


AGV Driverless Forklifts

An effective way to introduce automation to the workplace, with many benefits.

Automated forklifts bring businesses one step closer to an automated future.