Control Systems

Control systems vary from simple smart switch control to large process control and robotics control systems with the control hardware taking many forms these typically being (but definitely not limited to)


  • Relay & Switch Control
  • Smart Relay Control
  • Arduino - Rasberry PI
  • PLC Control
  • Robotics
  • PC Based Control

Roof Top Mounted Air Coniditon Control

For the cooling of a factory packing hall

Simple Tank Level Control System

Using Ultrasonic Level Sensor


Here at Adbro Controls, we have extensive experience in a vast range of PLC’s across a wide range of industry sectors.
We pride ourselves in being specialists in the conversion and upgrading of PLC systems, whether this be from the same vendor or a selection, we aren’t exclusive to just one.


We have experience with the following vendors PLCs:


Rockwell Allen Bradley -PLC3, SLC500, MicroLogix, Compact Logix

Siemens – Step 5, Step 7 300 & 400, S7 1200 & S7 1500

B&R – Automation Studio 2.7 onwards

Mitsubishi – FX Series, Q Series







Our knowledge of Control System has been valuable to those in variety of different industries. This is prominently with process driven businesses, who find the addition of PLC controls within their systems beneficial. The introduction of PLC controls offers reliability, flexibility and improved accuracy for the autonation systems in place.

PLC Controls are something to consider if you work in the following industries or services;

Food & Beverage
Manufacturing Support
OEM Systems


The versatile wide range of control equipment can be implemented in a wide range of process

Plastics handling (molding & forming)
Packaging (Flow wrapping & palletising)
Pump Control
Generator Control
Mixing Control
Process Control

Machine Retrofits
Machine Vision

Building Mangement