Criterion NDT

Eddy Current Inspection

Non-Destructive Component Testing

Eddy current testing is an electromagnetic testing method used for those looking for a way to perform inspections using a non-destructive manner. Heat treatment verification, crack inspection and thread detection are just some of the areas of testing where this method excels.

With both standard and custom designed testing equipment and tooling available from Criterion NTD, you can find something to suit your testing needs. Criterion NDT eddy testing products are popular with those using robotics in their inspection process due to the compatible nature of the equipment.

If you are looking for an easily integratable product for your production line to help improve inspection, look no further than Criterion NDT.

Eddy Current Testing Systems

Test Instruments


CR-11 Eddy Current testing instrument

CR-11 single channel eddy current test instrument is specifically designed to find material defects such as cracks and flaws in components during production processes – in real time.

Often used by those looking for fast detection.


ST-11 Material Structure, Alloy, Thread & Assembly Verification Test Instrument

The Criterion NDT ST-11 is a purpose built, multi-frequency material structure test instrument.

It can quickly identify & sort product with improper heat treatment and material mix issues


InSite HT and CT Eddy Current Instruments

The InSite HT and InSite CT are multi-channel, multi-frequency eddy current instruments.

They are both designed to operate at full production line speeds in tough manufacturing environments.

Probes - Standard & Custom

Pencil Probes

Standard Pencil Probe

Standard crack and flaw pencil probes are often used where there is easy access to the defect.

Encircling Probes

Standard Encircling Probe

Standard heat treat and material structure encircling coils are built using a single drive coil and multiple receive coils.

Custom Probes

Custom Probes

Custom probes and probe fixturing are manufactured to fit unique applications and requirements

Material Handling

Sorting Unit

Sorting Unit – CSU

CSU material sorting unit provides manufacturers the ability to remove defective components from either in-line or off-line production processes by utilizing eddy current test results.


Custom Material Handling Solutions

Ideal for material handling companies  to properly integrate eddy current systems into production lines. All of our test instruments are designed with industrial I/O that communicate to interface with PLCs.

Serving the needs of major automotive OEMs, industrial product manufacturers, and medical devices companies. All products have been developed specifically for the component test market and are simple to incorporate into semi or fully automated systems.