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Adbro Controls Consultation

We have a standard procedure set in place for the design and build phase of all our projects. This is so all parties involved have a clear understanding of the timeline of works. The different stages of this procedure provide structure and guidance for the project as a whole.



After your initial enquiry, it is important that discussions take place between both parties to determine the main requirements for the project. During these meetings (which a suitable location will be agreed) the following topics can be discussed.

Process (performance figures, items to be handled etc.)

Interfaces (operator, upstream and downstream systems)

Environment (Clean Zones, Heat etc)

Budget Costs

Overview Design



The next stage is to put together an initial process concept using the information provided by the client. A dedicated controls engineer will develop the concept in house, using resources such as R&D & small trials to confirm our ideas.



Once the concept has been agreed between all parties, we will be able to provide a budget cost for the proposed system. It is at this stage, that the budget can be reviewed. If the proposed costs fall within your expectations, we can then proceed by generating a detailed quotation for the project.

This quotation will provide you with an in-depth breakdown of the project structure and costs.

The system overview 

The performance figures 

The hardware to be supplied 

The engineering at Adbro

The engineering at your site 

Adbro Controls Quotation
Adbro Controls Design



Upon receipt of an official purchase order, the next stage of design and build process can get underway. This will consist of the following;


Detailed Concept Trials

Functional Design Specification – This will detail the system functionality from an operators point of view

Hardware Design Specification – This will detail the hardware used in the system

General Arrangement drawings – This will be provided in both 2D & 3D format

Electrical Schematics – These will be generated using Eplan and include: Control Panel Wiring, Cable Schedules & Terminal Schedules



The build stage of the project will be undertaken in our workshop based in Hermitage, Berkshire. This is where the system fabrication will take place.

Depending on the scope of the project this can consist of the following:

Control Panel Construction

Control Software Generation

Mechanical Constrution


Adbro Controls Engineer Panel Build
in-house testing Adbro Controls

In House Testing

Following a successful build, the system will go through testing and quality check. This will confirm if the system operates as required. We will invite you to our premises to observe this process. This also provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

On completion of a successful test. We will provide a factory acceptance test specification document. This will detail all the tests that have been undertaken and the results on your system.

For an additional insight to work we have previously completed for our clients, take a look at our case studies.



Our aim is to provide minimum disruption when it comes to the installation stage of a project. 
Prior to the installation, we will carry out detailed, non-intrusive site surveys. The reason we do this is to ensure that everything is thoroughly checked in advance to avoid any unnecessary disruption to the main install. 

To reduce the need for our clients to stop their process for an extended amount of time, most preliminary work will be carried out off site. Should a situation occur where this is not possible and we do need to be on site for the work. We endeavour to complete this with minimal interruptions and in a quick and efficient manner. 

It’s key that an installation project to runs as smoothly as possible, therefore we offer the disconnection and removal of old systems by our team. This has proven to be an effective  option that benefits all parties involved. Being able to offer engineering assistance at all stages is something we are proud of. 

Adbro Controls Design
in-house testing Adbro Controls


During and after the installation stage the commissioning will start. This consists of testing each stage of the process section by section until the system is fully operational. This stage can include:

  • Test and inspection of the electrical installation
  • Configuration of network devices
  • Confirmation safety circuits are all fully operational
  • Configuration of instrumentation
  • Testing of interfacing to upstream and downstream equipment
  • Phased startup of the process



Turnkey Project Management

With expertise in various engineering disciplines we can deliver turnkey solutions to those who want the whole package managed.  Whilst our services are offered as separate disciplines, we know that often there are cases where it is more favourable to enlist in someone to take on the entire scope of work.

We have project managers who are committed to understanding your needs and have experience of seeing through projects in both scope and size. It is imperative that a turnkey project runs smoothly, on time and within budget. All projects are under close supervision and it is our duty to keep the client informed throughout the entire process.

Instead of enlisting in multiple contractors for each element of your project, keep it all under one roof with a team that understands all areas of the work required, are reliable and get you the results you want.




Turnkey Project Management Adbro Controls