Global AGV Driverless Forklift

Automated guided vehicles for pioneering businesses

Fully Autonomous Driverless Forklifts

Offering a simple yet effective way to automate your in-house transports. The Global AGV driverless forklift truck will take simple pallet transports from A to B with ease, regardless of company size or type of business. It’s an easy, cost effective and time reducing automation solution.

Introducing the Global AGV driverless forklift truck to your day to day working routine allows you to realease time and employee resources for other tasks within the workplace. Increasing efficiency, and productivity along with improving safety in the working environment. A driverless forklift truck will aid in minimalizing damage and accidents in the warehouse, ensuring optimised internal logistics.

The global AGV driverless forklift trunks are a solid investment for your business, bringing you one step closer to an automated future.

driverless forklift truck

Automate A to B Pallet Transportation

By implementing an automated guided vehicle into your process, you can reduce the amount of manual processes you have within the workplace and as a result improve your company’s productivity. An AGV will contribute to reducing your costs as it runs with low energy consumption, as a result providing substantial labour cost savings that can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Integrating the AGV technology into existing operations is simple, without the need to alter the company’s current layout. It navigates with a laser system at a 360° field of view, detecting is surrounds and continuously manoeuvring in accordance to the planned routes. Fortunately, it’s high flexibility enables you to change the routes quickly in order to adapt with the new logistic flow within the workplace.

Increased productivity

Available 24/7 all year long

Improved working environment

Quick and straightforward installation

Easy integration into the existing environment

It is important to optimise the work areas available for the AGV. Utilize its capabilities to help with various tasks within the workplace. It’s an ideal solution for end of line work working alongside palletising machines and wrappers. The collection and delivery of goods in rows or fixed stations, mainly found in production lines and warehouses.

Installing the AGV into your workflow couldn’t be easier. The entire process will take 2 -3 days for including commissioning. The application and interface is extremely user friendly. Full training will be given to your employees so they can handle any future installations, route setups and changes that may be required. Set up is flexible, dual mode with both automatic or manual operation. The AGV Global driverless forklift is proven to be at the forefront of technology.

If you are looking to improve your internal logistics in a safe and efficient manner, investing in Global AGV is ideal. The driverless forklifts are built on proven technology from Linde.  For a rapid reduction in damage to goods, and a decreased chance of collisions in the warehouse and production areas you want an efficient and safe product. Automating the simple process of transporting pallets from A – B is a faster and safer option.