King Production Line Safety Upgrade

User requirement

The American biotechnology product development company; Thermo Fisher Scientific approached us for help with a bottle capping production line which was not compliant with current safety regulations.

Over time safety regulations change, this means that systems need to be checked and upgraded where necessary to comply with the current guidelines. The existing safety system on the FDS bottling line had the following safety issues.

The guarding did not adequately prevent access to hazard points on multiple machines. It was also observed that some of the machines were still moving, after a guard had been opened.

The existing safety system consisted of multiple machines, with separate emergency stop circuits, most of which were non-compliant and there was no integration between machines.

Bottle capping machine safety upgrade

The Solution


Additional guarding was fitted to the sections of the line, that were assessed not to be safe, using extruded aluminium profiles and polycarbonate sheets.

Pneumatic safety dump valves were installed on machines which had actuators which could harm an operator.

During the installation we fitted basket across the ceiling to each machines cable drop for interfacing to the master panel.


A master panel was installed, which would feed power to the entire line. The master panel had an isolating contactor, which would shut power off to every machine in the event of a global emergency stop.

Mounted in the master panel was a Pilz Multi based safety control system. This system was designed to take over local machine guard monitoring requirements as well as every emergency stop button in the field. This was achieved by a combination remote I/O blocks, for field devices and standard I/O for interfacing witch each control panel.

An HMI was mounted on the master panel, which had a diagnostic overview of the lines entire safety system. This allowed for rapid fault finding. Alarms were also recorded for fault tracking and an integrated global stop test was implemented, where operators would be forced to test the Estop buttons at a fixed interval.

Doors which required locking, were fitted with a PILZ coded magnetic locking system. In addition to this, we also replaced the unsuitable guard switches with PILZ coded magnetic versions. By installing these safety components to the system, it ensures the upmost protection is in place around the moving machinery. All moving parts of the machine will need to be completely stationary before the guards can unlock.

The old emergency stop stations were replaced with the PILZ buttons, with integrated signalling for quick diagnostics.

The Results

As a result of the safety upgrade, the following improvements were made.

The safety system was compliant to current safety standards. This was verified through a SISTEMA report.

The guarding was not overly intrusive to operators, during normal operation and control of the master system was intuitive.

The HMI provides diagnostic information on each safety element on the line, allowing for rapid fault finding, when the system is in fault.