Mechanical Engineering

Vertical Riser Support Brace


Mechanical Engineering is such a broad discipline within engineering, that it will undoubtedly occur within every project we take on. Whilst each job we complete can vary in requirement, this is a factor that they all will have in common. Of course, the scope of mechanical work involved will differ. From something as small as designing brackets to a fully fabricated process cell.


Our mechanical engineering services include:



Bespoke design solutions based on customer specifications. Using 3D CAD software, we can take even the simplest of ideas from conception to commissioning. Producing technical illustrations of initial concepts through to fully detailed 3D models where required. Our access to multiple 3D printers in-house enables us to produce rapid prototypes for projects as well as being a resource for in house fabrication when needed. 

Fabrication & Build

Our workshop has the facilities suitable for in-house fabrication. Providing access to equipment such as lathes, milling machines and a bespoke welding area.



Machine build
Machine build


Installation and commissioning are included in all projects. We have strict procedures in place to ensure this stage of a project runs as smoothly as possible with minimal disruption.
Further details on this can be found on our consultancy, design and build page.

Maintenance and Support.

We can offer support for a range mechanical systems and components. Whether its preventative maintenance or support for a breakdown. We have a more detailed breakdown of what we offer on our dedicated support and maintenance page

Machine build