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Automatic pallet stacker & pallet destacker

The PALOMAT® is an ideal way to introduce automation into your workplace. Pallet handling can play a key part in the day to day of efficiency regardless of the industry sector. Automating this process lends itself to many ongoing benefits for the business and its employees


It is a great solution for those working in production, warehouses, packaging departments and even high street stores. Any business in operation that deals with the manual lifting and stacking of pallets at floor level would benefit from introducing PALOMAT® to their process.


Providing ease to pallet stacking and pallet de-stacking, the PALOMAT® will automatically lift/lower the entire stack to effortlessly allow the user to insert a new pallet at floor level using a hand pallet truck. To operate the machine, there is a user friendly touch panel to control the movement of the stack.


palomat stacking

Understanding that not every business is the same, PALOMAT® offer multiple variations of their product. Allowing businesses to choose something that will work best for them. Though some designs differ in terms of operating solely by AC or as a combination with electricity, these standalone stackers are united in performance and benefits.

Providing a specific area for tools/products within the workplace is guaranteed to keep things tidy. This should be also applied to unused pallets. Use the PALOMAT® to utilise space in the workplace and provide compact storage solution.

Securing pallets in one area allows for a more efficient and optimised flow of the workshop. The stacks are easily accessible for your staff using a manual pump truck or forklift. An organised and tidy workplace makes for a happier workforce.

Implementing a PALOMAT® Stacker, provides a safer organisation method for your pallets. With the pallets securely assembled, you reduce the risk of unsteady stacks, that built too high could fall and injure members of staff.

Palomat stacking benefits.

PALOMAT® Greenline –  For stacking and destacking of single pallets using only electricity as the power source. The Greenline is also available for handling pallets in cold rooms with temperatures as low as -25°C

PALOMAT® Flexomatic – For stacking and destacking of single pallets using both compressed air and electricicty

PALOMAT® 5 – For stacking and destacking multiple pallets at one time to a maximum of 5. This version of the PALOMAT uses electricity as the power source

PALOMAT® Adjustable – Enabling the user to stack and destack pallets for two different sizes in the same magazine (one pallet at a time) This operates on a combination of compressed air and electricity.

PALOMAT® ½ Pallets – This version is offered both as a Greenline (AC Operated) and a Flexomatic (air + AC operated) versions. Ideal for those who wish to stack the smaller ½ sized pallets.

PALOMAT® Double up – A completed AC operated version, for those who wish to stack and destackd 1+1 pallets together in a line.

PALOMAT® is a completely modular solution that can also be customised to fit a wide range of pallets of various sizes used in the market.  Units can be bult to match the exact pallet size you use in your business. It can handle all 4-way pallets in wood, plastic and metal, regardless of length, width or height.

Enterprises such as Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Volvo, Nestle, Haribo, Siemens and Miele have installed PALOMAT® magazines in their workplace, making their pallet flows more efficient.

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