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For those looking to improve their pallet organisation the PALOMAT® is an ideal way to introduce automation into your workplace. Pallet handling can play a key part in the day to day of efficiency within a workpalce regardless of the industry sector. By making the change and automating this process you’ll find many ongoing benefits for the business and its employees.

The Benefits of PALOMAT

  • Eliminating manual handling, thus reducing risk of injuries to staff
  • Storing pallets in one place results in a tidier and more organised work area
  • Guaranteed improvement to workshop efficiency, optimising the flow of pallet control
  • Reduction of time spent moving pallets within the workplace
  • A safer handling process for roles involved with the manual handling of pallets
  • Low risk of injury and reduction of broken pallets from a result of uneven, unstable stacks
  • No need for a forklift, a pallet truck is sufficient to move the pallets into position for stacking

A pallet dispenser is a great solution for those working in production, warehouses, packaging departments and even high street stores. Any facility that handles pallets on a regular basis, manually lifting and stacking single pallets at floor level can reap the benefits. Whether this be stacking 15 pallets to 25 pallets at a time, with both stand alone and inline PALOMAT® available we can find a pallet stacker to suit your needs.

The main function of a PALOMAT® is to provide ease to pallet stacking and pallet dispensing within the workplace. It can be put into operation alongside operators to enable pallets to be automatically stacked, both lifting and lowering entire stacks in an effortless manner. This allows operators to insert a new pallet at floor level using a hand pallet truck. The pallet dispensers are user friendly thanks to touch screen panels, easy to use functions and maintenance care, all of which can be completed by the operators successfully.

Pallet Dispensers - How They Work

Employee using Palomat Pallet Stacker.

For a safe and organised method of storing empty pallets at floor level when they are not in use, an operator will take the pallet stack and load them manually into the bottom of the Palomat using a pallet truck.

Using the control panel on the side of the unit, the operator can control the movement of the pallets within the unit. Elevating them to varying lifting heights to  allow for more empty pallets to be loaded from below when required.

By housing 15 pallets (sometimes 20) at a time, it’s a great addition to any workspace struggling to keep their pallets tidy and stored safely to reduce the risk of uneven stacks falling, breaking and unfortunately in some cases causing injury.

For removal from the pallet dispensers, the operator will again use the control panel on the unit to electronically lower the stack back to floor level for easy access using the pallet truck once again. With electric pallet stackers  there is no need for a forklift. They are designed to work hand in hand with manual pallet trucks that operators don’t require training to use.

Pallet Information

The PALOMAT® model range is suited for stacks of up to 15 or 25 pallets at a time.

Catering for Euro Pallets (1200 x 1800mm)

Catering for CHEP Pallets (1200 x 1000mm)

Catering for half pallets (800 x 600mm)

Operators can manoeuvre all pallets using  a pallet truck at floor level

Palomat Customisation

Additional safety add ons, inc  safety gates, forklift protection, stop blocks

Signal tower add on with maximum load indicator

Cold environment modification

Switch disconnectors & shut off valve

Available in a range of RAL colours

Available in food safe galvanised steel

The Palomat Range

Not every business operates the same way, and it’s because of this that PALOMAT® offer multiple variations of their pallet dispensers. This allows business to look at where their problems lie and choose a system that will work best for their pallet lifting needs. All variations of the pallet stackers achieve the same result, but some may be more suited than others. Factors such as location, pallet flow, pallet size and quantity of pallets will play a contributing role to what will work best. This is why it is always good to contact us directly to discuss you needs, so we can advise accordingly.

The PALOMAT® pallet dispensers are available with different power sources. You are given the option of running on compressed air or electricity, if required there is the option for a unit to run on a combination of both. Having the option of different power sources can benefit some business depending on their methods of working.  The performance level of the Pallet stackers is not altered in any way, all units are united in capabilities and benefits. More of a reason why they are a great solution for the manual handling of empty pallets.

PALOMAT® Flexomatic

Choose this standalone system to stack and destack single pallets using a combination of both compressed air and electricity as the power source.

PALOMAT® ½ pallets

Available as both Greenline and Flexomatic versions. Choose this Palomat if you need to stack smaller half sized pallets.

PALOMAT® Greenline

A standalone system for stacking and destacking single pallets using only electricity as the power source. Suitable for temperatures as low as -25°C

PALOMAT® Double Up

A standalone Palomat unit suitable for those looking to stack or destack two pallets in a line. Powered by Electricity only requiring a 230V power supply


Part of the standalone range, enabling stacking and destacking of 1-5 pallets at a time, The PALOMAT® 5 uses electricity as a power source,


A fully customisable integrated pallet stacker and destacker for those looking to automate their pallet flow specifically with production lines in mind.