Palomat® Inline

Pallet handing for automated solutions within the workplace

Convenient, effective & reliable

Unlike the other standalone PALOMAT® magazines available, the PALOMAT® Inline, is a sub component of the complete system, integrated within your process to contribute towards an efficient, reliable and cost effective production line.

This version of the stacker is more desirable to those looking to reduce the level of manual handling within the workplace. The PALOMAT® Inline will automatically stack and destack empty pallets within existing automated systems and production lines. Providing a complete automated system.

It is a flexible solution that can be fully customised to suit your needs. It can handle any 4 way pallet, placed above any type of conveyor regardless of width height and direction. This customisable element to the magazine enables it to be implemented in any environment, which plays a huge part to its popularity. Not only that, the PALOMAT® Inline is available in any RAL colour, Stainless Steel (AISI 304) and electro galvanised steel. Allowing users to customise the machine to fit with their branding.

Palomat® inline

The PALOMAT® Inline is a robust and reliable addition to your process.  Allowing businesses to achieve a safer more streamlined way of managing their pallets during production. By automating this stage in the process everything can run in a smooth and more efficient manner. Eliminating the manual labour aspect of  the movement of the pallets provides a much safer environment for those working in the immediate area of production.

Business’ choose PALOTMAT® Inline thanks to its fully adaptable design, providing a great solution fully customised to their requirements. There’s no risk of requiring additional works to make the product work for your existing set up. It is ready to go immediately after installation and commission, removing that chance of any downtime that could lose the business time and money.

The performance of the PALOMAT® is second to none, however  all mechanical machinery technical support may be required from time to time. That is why when choosing a PALOMAT® magazine system you have access to  a 24/7 hotline support number should it be necessary.

Palomat® inline benefits