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PC Based Software Services

When Proprietary Software Isn’t Enough

PC Based Solutions

Here at Adbro, we understand that sometimes vendor-specific software can fall somewhat short of the requirements needed for complex control systems and processes.
That is why, in addition to proprietary software expertise, we consider it our duty to also be able to offer PC based software solutions that are not reliant on any one particular vendor, but which can also operate across multiple vendors.

We also have the ability to provide complex stand-alone solutions to provide truly flexible and adaptable systems.

Using the latest PC technology, we can provide a PC based solution to compliment a PLC/SCADA/HMI solution or to operate as standalone systems in a variety of operating formats including embedded systems.

PC Based Solutions  Adbro Controls

Complementary systems can include:

Relational database systems for long-term storage of data

Bespoke OPC servers for filed devices that do not have a supplied driver

Bespoke operator interface devices. These can be a more practical solution for the OEM’s.
Using standardised interfaces instead of traditional SCADA/HMI systems. Doing so means that the cost can be reduced and in some cases, eliminated.


Stand-alone systems include:

Data capture systems which collect their data from a variety of vendors and instrumentations.
This would be implemented across networks such as industrial Ethernet, Profibus etc or via on-board I/O

Soft PLC systems which utilise PC technology.
This could be as a platform for either a virtual PLC or a dedicated module that resides in a PC Slot.
This would emulate traditional PLC CPU Systems.

Motion control systems that reside as a module on the PC.
This would povide the closed loop control and operator interface features to compliment the drive controllers and feedback systems.