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Welcome to our product page, where innovation meets efficiency. Here, you’ll find a curated selection of industrial automation solutions, each designed to enhance your operations and drive productivity. From advanced eddy current crack detection systems by Criterion NDT, to driverless forklifts by Global AGV, and pallet stackers and dispensers by Palomat, we’ve sourced the best in the business to help you achieve your operational goals. Dive in and explore the transformative potential of these cutting-edge technologies.

Palomat inline, one of the many products we offer.

Our Products

Eddy Current Crack Detection

Experience precision and quality with Criterion NDT’s Eddy Current Crack Detection solutions. These systems provide precise flaw detection, ensuring top-tier product safety and quality. See how our integrated solutions can boost your production line’s efficiency and reliability.

Driverless Forklifts

Navigate the future of automation with Global AGV’s Driverless Forklifts. These cutting-edge solutions redefine efficiency, offering seamless integration into your existing operations. With superior safety features and precision handling, Global AGV’s driverless forklifts are designed to streamline your workflow and increase productivity. Explore the transformative potential of these advanced automation systems.

Pallet Stackers & Dispensers

Transform your warehouse operations with Palomat’s Pallet Stackers and Dispensers. Designed for efficiency and reliability, these solutions streamline your workflow by automating the handling of pallets. With Palomat, you can ensure safer, more organized, and more productive operations. Discover the difference their pallet handling solutions can make.