Severn Tunnel Pumping Station Control System Upgrade

User Requirement

Amco Giffen (Formerly Amalgamated Construction) are a leading contractor for complex and innovative multidisciplinary engineering projects.

They approached us to assist with the pumping station upgrade for the Severn tunnel.

Unfortunately, the PLC hardware within the current system could no longer be supported, making the system obsolete.

A newer, modern solution was required to ensure a single point of failure would not stop any of the systems.



Pumping Station Upgrade Adbro Controls.
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The Solution

Priority for this job was the upgrade of the PLC’s. It was important that the system itself included components with high availability to aid with any future maintenance work.
Reducing the risk of Amco being left with an obsolete system again. This system upgrade used standard Siemens S7 1500 PLC’s and Westermo network switches.  

In total 13 PLC’s were implemented into the system. We set up 6 pairs, which were installed as a master/ standby configuration to give redundancy in the event of a PLC failure.
The network switches were configured to give a total of 4 RSTP Rings, providing Amco with an automatic back up system that would continue to keep the station running, should an issue occur.  

To enable operators to have a clear view of the system throughout the site, 7 Wonderware InTouch workstations were set up in various locations on site.     

The Results

The upgrade provided Amco Giffen with a more efficient system, one that significantly improved the day to day running of the pumping station site.   

Should any issues occur, the new extensive set of alarms would alert operators quickly. This would enable them to act in a fast and efficient manner to fix any problems. 
It was important to Amco Giffin that a backup system was in place to allow for site operations to continue working whilst any problems needed to be rectified.  

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