Robotics & Automation

Making all the moves so you don’t have to

Gamechangers for your process

Achieve higher yields with greater quality control

Liberate your workforce from repetitive mundane tasks

Protect your company from hazardous working environments

Build on seamless, fatigue free production

Businesses are integrating robotics and automation into their workplace to increase production for growing demand and to stay competitive in a global market. With our bespoke solutions you won’t have to compromise the design or authenticity of your product while reaping all the benefits that mechanisation has to offer.

Robots are adaptable, with the right programming they can be utilised to perform a wide range of tasks efficiently and accurately. Paired with other forms of system integration, processes can be streamlined and controlled with ease. With a known payback, you can invest in a new workforce confident in its productivity.


Palletisers automate the process of packing your product onto pallets, ready for distribution. The packing can be tailored to the customer, delivering the goods exactly how they want them to be received.

Small Footprint : The robots themselves do not take up much room, therefore can be utilised particularly well in workspaces with limited space

Efficiency : Robots can optimise repetitive tasks, prioritising the safety and space efficiency of the product. Procedures can be synchronised with deliveries and automate pallet documentation.

Flexibility : Offering multiple speeds and cycles per hour, the programming of robots can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Safety : Palletisers can lift and manoeuvre loads of various weights, eliminating the need for risk assessed manual lifting manoeuvres.

Pick & Place

Commonly used in manufacturing environments, pick and place robotics can be used for numerous tasks such as sorting products, handling delicate items, isolating defective products and linking together fabrication processes.

Speed : Their high process speed gives a boost to production capacity, giving them an edge over a manual process.

Customisable : Each industry will have different requirements for their material handling, pick and place products are fully customisable to cater for a variety of different needs.

Consistency : Robots thrive when it comes to monotonous tasks. They offer reliability and accuracy. Thus, helping reduce downtime and margin for errors during production.

Quality Control

Integrating robotics and automation with computer vision can reduce the hardware required to achieve a thorough inspection by introducing a dynamic solution.

Precision: The mobility of a robotic arm enables parts to be manoeuvred for a 360° view, allowing a more detailed and precise inspection when necessary.

Reduction of human input: Robots can allow us to eliminate the need for human involvement. This works particularly well on standalone inspection systems, that don’t need consistent monitoring.

System Integration: Vision systems can communicate with robotics to classify product defects and get your product where it needs to be with greater control over where it enters and exits the process.

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