Machine Builds and Retrofits



Industrial machinery really can be anything! This ambiguous phrase can be used to describe a plethora of different devices, ranging from size, ability and performance. Throughout our years of trading we have worked on many industrial machinery projects. From a large multi robot cells to a small stand-alone inspection systems.

With clients in various industries, we have been able to showcase our machine build and retrofit abilities in a variety of ways.  Utilising our expertise to help those in need of new or upgraded systems. We always take into account various factors such as budgets, timescales, location and of course, the desired end result. The goal is to produce the perfect system for you.

If you are unsure whether you require an entirely new system/build, or an upgrade to your existing set up, the information below should help as an initial guide before discussing your requirement with our engineers in more detail. 


Machine Oven Build with Safety Guarding

Machine & system builds

On Site Machine Retrofit with Adbro Controls

Why would some businesses look to implement a new machine build or system in their workplace?

When it comes to pre-existing systems and builds, the lifecycle can vary. As a result there are times where replacements are required. This could be individual components or the system in its entirety. This will always be the first port of call to resolve any issues.

Unfortunately  sometimes it isn’t fesible to adapt an already existing set up. The introduction of an entirely new, seperate system or build has to be considered instead. Taking into account multiple factors, we work together to ensure the clients needs are met.

Machine build can consist of various elements;

Linear & Rotary Actuators
Robot safety systems
Vision Systems
Advanced control systems

+ many more. 

We are fortunate to have a team members who specialise in these specific areas, allowing us to pair you with a suitable project manager who will be your point of contact throughout the entire process. 

Machine & system retrofits

When would businesses need a machine or system retrofit?

In some cases where businesses already have an existing process set up in the workplace, our engineers will perform an evaluation and cross reference this with the clients end goal. If it is determined that the existing process would benefit from upgrades rather than a complete replacement, then a retrofit is proposed and a plan is put forward for the necessary work.

Budget – If a complete new system or machine build exceeds the set budget, improvements can be made with a retrofit, lowering costs.

Problematic issues – Sometimes it isn’t the entire machine or system at fault,  it could be individual components. By replacing these, we can get everything running as it should be.

 Changes – When processes change, amendments to the existing set up is an option to reduce costs and implement the changes quicker.

Timing – When time is of the essence a retrofit can resolve issues in a more timely manner in comparison to starting over with something new.

Close up of Mechanical Engineering Work Adbro Controls

We understand that all one size does not fit all, and dependant on requirements there will be a need for diffierent solutions. It’s important to us that we explore all available resolutions for your specific requirement before determining what course of action to take. This is covered during the consultancy stage of the project.

We have been fortunate to work with a vast range of clients on a number of diverse projects. Upgraded systems have included palletisers and flow wrappers, alongside complete new oven builds and control systems.