Machine Builds and Retrofits



Whilst some companies come to us for brand new systems, we also offer new machine builds or when suitable a retrofit option to our clients.

We will look at your existing process and evaluate whether it’s more beneficial to make upgrades to your current set up rather than completely replacing it. 

In many cases where a process has become problematic, it is not always the entire system that is at fault. Individual components can stop working or start to underperform. That is where we as system integrators come into play. A retrofit on one or more components can bring the system back up to the expected performance level. 


Retrofit machinery for clamp production
Engineer standing at machine build

If a retrofit of your current system is not suitable, we can offer a new upgraded machine build instead.  The term Machine build is quite an ambiguous phrase, as this could range from a simple desktop system to a large multi robot process cell.  Machine builds can consist of various elements; 

Linear & Rotary Actuators 

Robot safety systems 


Vision Systems 


Advanced Control Systems 



+ Many more.   

We are fortunate enough to have team members whom specialize in these specific areas, thus allowing us to pair you with a suitable project manager whom will be your point of contact each step of the way. 

For those requiring a quicker turn around, it is worth noting that the lifecycle of an upgrade will be shorter and quicker option than the lifecycle detailed for a new build.  

The advantages of a new build are:

Lower costs – This is in both the retrofit cost and lost process time.

Functionality – The functionality will be very similar (if not the same) reducing the level of training.

Time – The upgrade time can be a lot faster than a new build. We have experience of the scenarios where you have not alternative to carry out a retrofit as the machine has become inoperable.


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In the past we have helped clients with a diverse range of projects. We have examples of some of the projects we have completed on our case studies page.  These include, oven retrofits, mixer upgrades, flow wrappers upgrades to name a few.