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Machine Build and Retrofits


Looking for a new process machine or a retrofit / upgrade to  a current process or machine then you have come to the right place. 

A machine build can be a simple desktop system to a large multi robot process cell and can consist of:

  • Linear & Rotary Actuators
  • Robots, Safety Systems
  • Pneumatics
  • Vision Systems
  • Conveyors
  • Advanced Control Systems
  • Heaters
  • Printers
  • + Many more

A machine build project life cycle can consist of the following steps


During this phase meeting will take place at both your premises and at Adbro. These meetings will be used to determine your initial requirements. These can be (but not limited)

  • Process (performance figures, items to be handled etc.)
  • Interfaces (operator, upstream and downstream systems)
  • Environment (Clean Zones, Heat etc)
  • Budget Costs 
  • Overview Design


Using our development area at Adbro we will put together an initial process concept. This will include small trials to confirm our ideas. 



Following our concept phase we will be in a position to give you a budget cost for the proposed system.  

If the proposed costs falls within your expectations the we will then generate a detailed quotation. This quotation will detail (not limited to): 

  • The system overview 
  • The performance figures 
  • The hardware to be supplied 
  • The engineering at Adbro 
  • The engineering at your site 


      Following order placement the detailed design phase will begin this consists of:

      • Detailed Concept Trials
      • Functional Design Specification – This will detail the system functionality from an operators point of view
      • Hardware Design Specification – This will detail the hardware used in the system
      • General Arrangement drawings – This will be in 2D & 3D format.
      • Electrical Schematics – These will be generated using Eplan and include: Control Panel Wiring, Cable Schedules & Terminal Schedules


      The build stage will be undertaken in our workshops in just outside Newbury. This work consists of: 

      • Machine Fabrication
      • Control Panel Construction
      • Control Software Generation

      In House Testing

      The system will be tested to confirm the system operates as required. You will be invited in during this period.


      In many cases you the client will have shut down some of your process for the installation of the new system. We are total aware of the pressure this can put on your business. 

      Prior to you stopping your process we will carry out as much of the preliminary work as possible.

      As part of the project we can carry out the disconnection and removal of your old systems and the commence the installation of the new system. 

      Production Startup

      We will be present during the production start-up phase and will work with the operators to ensure they are happy with the system.


      Training will be provided to both the operations and maintenance departments


      A full suite of documentation will be provided


      We provide various levels of support detail can be found on our Maintenance & Support page


      In many cases where a process has become problematic, it is not always the entire system that is at fault. Individual components can stop working or start to under perform. That is where a retrofit on one or more components can bring the system back up to the expected performance level.

      The lifecycle of an upgrade is a smaller (hence quicker) than the lifecycle detailed for a new build above. 

      • The advantages of a new build are:
      • Lower costs – This is in both the retrofit cost and lost process time.
      • Functionality – The functionality will be very similar (if not the same) reducing the level of training.
      • Time – The upgrade time can be a lot faster than a new build. We have experience of the scenarios where you have not alternative to carry out a retrofit as the machine has become inoperable.

      In the past we have helped clients with a diverse range of projects. We have examples of some of the projects we have completed on our case studies page.  These include, oven retrofits, mixer upgrades, and flow wrapper upgrades to name a few.