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Machine Builds and Retrofits



Industrial machinery really can be anything! This ambiguous phrase can be used to describe a plethora of different devices, ranging from size, ability and performance. From a large multi robot cell to a small stand-alone inspection system. 

Working with clients in various industries allows us to showcase our machine build and retrofit abilities in a variety of ways.  We will look at your requirement in detail and conclude what would be the most suitable option for your business. Taking into account budgets, timescales, location, and the desired end result. 

If you are unsure whether you require an entirely new system/build, or an upgrade to your existing set up, the information below should help as an initial guide before discussing your requirement with our engineers in more detail. 


Machine Oven Build with Safety Guarding
On Site Machine Retrofit with Adbro Controls

Why would I need a new system/machine build?

  • If you are looking to introduce an entirely new system/build into your process that differs from an existing set up within the workplace. 
  • The lifecycle of machines and systems can vary. It could be that a replacement is required for existing processes that are nearing the end of their cycle. 

Machine build can consist of various elements;

Linear & Rotary Actuators
Robot safety systems
Vision Systems
Advanced control systems

+ many more. 

We are fortunate to have a team members who specialise in these specific areas, allowing us to pair you with a suitable project manager who will be your point of contact throughout the entire process. 

Whilst some companies do come to us for brand new systems and builds. We also offer a retrofit service. We can look at your existing process and determine whether it is more beneficial to make upgrades to your current set up, rather than completely replacing it. 


Why would I need a system/machine retrofit?


  • If a complete new system or machine build is exceeds the set budget. You can look at how to improve existing processes with a retrofit at a lower cost instead. 

  • On occasions it can be more beneficial to upgrade an existing process than design and install an entirely new system. 

  • If a process has become problematic, it is not necessarily the entire system that is at fault. Individual components of the system/build could be the cause.  They may stop working or start to underperform, therefore need replacing. 

  • Should you wish to make additional changes or upgrades to the way a current process works, a retrofit may be the best option  rather than starting again from the beginning with a new design.

  • Where/if suitable, a retrofit will be beneficial to those with limited time scales for improvements. 

Close up of Mechanical Engineering Work Adbro Controls
Close up of Safety Lock on Machine Adbro Controls


When  presented with a specific requirement from a client, we will look at all available resolutions and determine what course of action will achieve the desired results.  This is covered during the consultancy stage of our services, which you can read more about here. 


We have been fortunate enough to work with a great range of clients on a number of diverse projects. This includes work such as palletiser, flow wrapper and mixer upgrades to complete oven builds and retrofits.