Turnkey Automation

From initial design concept to final system commissioning and beyond, we provide a comprehensive, single-source solution for all your mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control, and automation needs.

For All Your Engineering Needs

Whether you are a small manufacturer aspiring to scale or a multinational entity looking to refine operations, we offer you a seamless route to:


  • Overcome Inefficiencies: By updating outdated processes, mitigating equipment failures, and removing bottlenecks, we empower you to streamline production. We provide solutions that increase output while minimizing waste and downtime.
  • Eliminate Quality Inconsistencies: We assist in preserving the reputation of your brand by eliminating inconsistent quality issues. Our solutions ensure product consistency across all batches and production lines, helping you to meet and exceed industry standards.
  • Alleviate Technological Obstacles: Don’t let technological limitations or the complexity of system integration stand in your way. We simplify the process of integrating innovative technologies into your existing manufacturing setup, enabling you to leverage the full potential of modern automation.

We offer services that transcend geographical barriers. Whether you’re situated in the heart of the UK or operate internationally across Europe and beyond, our solutions are within your reach. Picture your business operations running like clockwork—each process is optimally streamlined, technology is leveraged to its fullest, and every product leaving the assembly line is of the highest quality. This vision isn’t merely aspirational but entirely achievable through our collaborative efforts.

Unlock your manufacturing potential with Adbro Controls. Together, we can conquer challenges, elevate your business standards, and steer your enterprise towards unparalleled success. Get in touch with us today for a consultation tailored to your specific needs.

Machine Builds & Retrofits

Turnkey machine builds and upgrades to existing equipment.

Control Panels

Control panel design, build, testing, and install.

Vision Systems

High speed vision systems.

PLC Controls

PLC programming and integration.


SCADA integration and HMI programming.

Machine Safety

Site surveys and safety upgrades.

Robotics & Motion Control

Programming, integration, and commissioning.

Bespoke Software

Tailored PC applications and server software.

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About Adbro Controls

Established in 1998, Adbro Controls Ltd are one of the leading UK control system integrators based in Hermitage, Berkshire. After 25 years of experience, we have established ourselves as recognized manufacturers in the controls industry.

Specialising in delivering innovative, cost-effective engineering and automation solutions for those in a wide range of industry sectors.

We help those looking to improve their business through the power of automation.
With years of expertise in multiple engineering sectors, our dedicated team of engineers are on hand to help those looking for assistance to turn their automation visions into reality.

Featured Case Studies


Pilot Plant Relocation

Adbro Controls, using their extensive knowledge in equipment relocation, electrical and mechanical engineering, and machine safety, managed the complex process of pilot plant relocation for Kraft Heinz – the fifth largest food company in the world. The relocation, which involved moving the research and development department from Italy to Holland, was an intricate task requiring careful planning, coordination, and technical expertise.


Production line safety upgrade

Adbro Controls delivered a comprehensive safety upgrade to the bottle capping production line of Thermo Fisher Scientific, successfully addressing various safety compliance issues. This case study explores the intricate challenge faced, the detailed mechanical and electrical safety upgrades implemented, and the tangible results achieved in terms of regulatory compliance and enhanced safety.


Braze Detection and Rejection System

HydraForce, a leading supplier of hydraulic valves, collaborated with Adbro Controls to implement an automated detection and rejection system. This system significantly improved their inspection process, ensuring safety compliance and increasing efficiency.

Our Clients

Our Client Testimonials

Working with the team at Adbro was a great experience.

The level of support during and after the project was great. The whole team were very driven to develop and build the best system possible to meet our requirements.

The automation systems installed by Adbro have greatly improved our efficiency at inspecting parts.

Balbir Sahota

Project Manager, Hydraforce Hydraulics

Having worked with the Adbro Controls team over many years, I have confidence in their ability to understand any problematic situations or issues and come up with a suitable solution. Their attention to detail is second to none, specialising in URS (User Requirement Specification) taking time to listen carefully to what is required. I am always happy with their execution of projects and this is why I have used them on mulitple occasions when working for different employers.
George Poynton

Pilot Plant Manager, Kraft Heinz