Machine Safety Solutions


We put safety at the heart of your process every time

We know it’s important to continuously protect your business. Whilst we are controls specialists, we are also experts at integrating machine safety processes and procedures into workplaces. Helping you to keep your process systems safe and secure.

Whether you want a new control system in place, or need us to upgrade your current set up, here at Adbro we can provide the appropriate safety solution for your process.

Our team of engineers have extensive knowledge of how best to ensure that your workplace complies with safety guidelines.  A site survey will allow them to understand exactly what is required and what solutions will work best with the current set up.

There are a host of safety solutions available to make for a safer environment, it all depends on what your requirement is.

Safety Estop Button on machine Adbro Controls
Machine safety guarding Adbro Controls

We design our systems to be as safe as they are effective. Our design engineers will always carry out a risk assessment on any project we take on, thus allowing us to discuss in depth what direction is best for your system.

We have the capacity to design and build programmable safety systems to include components such as light guards, safety scanners and perimeter fencing.

Examples of how we have helped clients in the past with their safety process’ can be found on our case studies page.

We also offer SISTEMA reporting, popular with clients who are looking to upgrade safety systems on older machines / lines. This evaluation tool (to ISO 13849-1) enables the end user to verify the system is compliant to the required performance level or SIL (Safety Integrity Level) rating.

Our goal is to design a system that meets your exact requirements.

Your safety needs may vary, however no job is too big or small. We love to take on a challenge.

If you are a company that works in a high risk industry, there are many things that we can do to put extra safeguarding in place for your process.

We will work closely with you to determine what is the best solution. Ultimately we want to work with you to ensure that you and your business is protected. Safety is and will always be a focal point within every project we undertake.

By enlisting Adbro Controls to help you with your machine safety needs you’ll receive the following:


Evaluation and risk assessment

Consultation and guidance throughout the project

Installation of the most up to date safety components

Comprehensive design documentation


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