SCADA & HMI Solutions

Supervise & visualise your controls data

If you have a business that requires multiple processes running under one roof, it’s important that you have a system that can control and monitor them successfully.

SCADA & HMI solutions are an ideal addition to your process. You can ensure that your operators have a reliable system for data logging and reporting which ultimately will make the monitoring on your production a lot smoother.

Having a central hub of data collated in one place not only streamlines everything, it allows your operators to have a clear overview of what is going on with your process. With this data easily available to them they can react quickly to any variations and respond in an appropriate manner.

Whether it’s individual machine equipment within the workplace or an entire plant,  tailored SCADA solutions can be utilised to suit your process, providing you with all the information you require to keep things running as they should be.



What is SCADA? It is an acronym meaning Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. To put it simply, it is an adaptable bit of software that co-ordinates control processes. SCADA will collect and analyse data before generating the results into a report; something a lot of companies will find beneficial to the running of their business.

We have been developing SCADA systems for two decades.  Its flexible capabilities make it a popular choice with our clients, especially those in process driven industries. Its ability to effectively monitor processes and provide accurate feedback makes it a vital component for those looking for a lean and efficient system.

Toying with the idea of introducing SCADA to your process, but unsure if it will work? Our engineers can advise you in detail of its benefits and how SCADA can be implemented in several ways. In the past we have worked on different projects varying in size and scale, from small text-based applications to those with more complex production requirements.


HMI is a highly versatile component of SCADA technology. This extremely user friendly graphic interface will help the operator identity what is and isn’t working within the process. As well as interpreting data, it will enable them to control the process smoothly and efficiently, without the need of in depth computer knowledge.

What are the benefits of introducing SCADA to your process

Improve system efficiency

Reduce operational cost

Reduce the need for future repairs

Automated report generation

Live data logging