Case Studies

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Case studies provide us with an incredible opportunity to showcase the extensive work we have had the privilege to be part of over the years. Our diverse range of clients spanning various industries seek us out because of our profound knowledge in the controls industry. As System Integrators, we consistently strive to surpass expectations by offering outstanding services that encompass multiple disciplines. This unique approach enables us to deliver an array of cutting-edge solutions that truly push boundaries and elevate industry standards. We take immense pride in our team of highly skilled engineers who leverage their expertise in system integration to provide comprehensive support to those in need. Explore our collection of case studies below, which vividly demonstrate how successful implementation of system integration can revolutionize your business. Witness the multitude of challenges our clients faced, and experience the ingenious solutions engineered by Adbro Controls to achieve their desired outcomes.

Our Case Studies


Pilot Plant Relocation

Adbro Controls, using their extensive knowledge in equipment relocation, electrical and mechanical engineering, and machine safety, managed the complex process of pilot plant relocation for Kraft Heinz – the fifth largest food company in the world. The relocation, which involved moving the research and development department from Italy to Holland, was an intricate task requiring careful planning, coordination, and technical expertise.


Production line safety upgrade

Adbro Controls delivered a comprehensive safety upgrade to the bottle capping production line of Thermo Fisher Scientific, successfully addressing various safety compliance issues. This case study explores the intricate challenge faced, the detailed mechanical and electrical safety upgrades implemented, and the tangible results achieved in terms of regulatory compliance and enhanced safety.


Braze Detection and Rejection System

HydraForce, a leading supplier of hydraulic valves, collaborated with Adbro Controls to implement an automated detection and rejection system. This system significantly improved their inspection process, ensuring safety compliance and increasing efficiency.


Twin Pack In-feed Upgrade

Adbro Controls took on the task of optimizing Pladis’ packaging line by offering an intelligent retrofit to their existing setup. This conveyor system retrofit project not only increased efficiency but also unlocked new potentials for the global biscuit giant. Explore how we achieved this with automation, innovation, and strategic integration of technology.


Production Line Inspection System

This case study delves into Adbro Controls’ implementation of a tailored production line inspection system for Pladis, a leading confectionery manufacturer. Leveraging our expertise in machine vision systems and automated reject, we designed a solution that significantly improved the efficiency and product quality of Pladis’ biscuit production line. The article chronicles the challenges faced, the innovative solution crafted, and the impressive results achieved.


PVC Hot Dip Controls Upgrade

A journey through Adbro Controls’ comprehensive, energy-efficient overhaul of a plastic hot dip moulding system, breathing new life into ageing equipment and significantly boosting performance.


Pumping Station Control System Upgrade

This case study delves into the successful execution of the pumping station control system upgrade for the Severn Tunnel. With the objective of replacing obsolete PLC hardware with cutting-edge technology, our team adopted a strategic and methodical approach, ensuring a seamless transition while preventing operational downtime. The resulting upgrade not only improves the pumping station’s reliability and efficiency but also fortifies its resilience to potential failures.


Automated Jar Inspection System

An in-depth exploration of Adbro Controls’ innovative solution in designing and implementing an automated vision inspection system for a leading food manufacturing company, enhancing the quality control processes and significantly reducing human error and operational costs.


Ball Mill Control System Upgrade

Adbro masterfully modernizes Thermo Fisher Scientific’s ball mill control system. This expertly engineered upgrade is flexible, future-ready, and compliant with strict safety standards, offering a user-friendly interface that promotes functionality and facilitates future growth and automation.