Mixer Control System Upgrade

User Requirement

Global engineering group Sandvik were looking for a company with control system knowledge to upgrade one of their 21ZEMX mixers based at their Coventry site. As this is an area where we as a company excel, we were happy to take on this project.

With two out of the three mixers on site already up to the required standard, there were various elements of the upgrade that were key.

Sandvik required we focus on monitoring the product and temperatures, adding the ability to log key data collected. This information would allow them to control the mix performance.

The Solution

Having previously supplied Sandvik with the control panels for their other two 21ZEMX mixers, our engineers were able to build an identical control panel to fit with their needs.

Previously the mixer used a manual control system and push button to control the process. We replaced this with a new HMI and automated system.

For accurate monitoring of the product and mixer temperature we installed new analogue sensors, these feed back to the PLC in the control panel.

Data collected can then be transferred to the specialist Aquilla software we installed on the mixer PC to log data collected.

The Results

With the final 21ZEMX mixer at the Coventry branch upgraded, the factory now has a trio of mixers with modern, advanced control systems, allowing them to improve the quality and quantity of their end product.

Upgrading the system has allowed for a more user friendly system, making it an easier and straight forward operation.

Additional benefits include an alarm system on the HMI which will alert operators to any faults. By implementing this additional feature, reaction time to any error should it occur will be improved.