Pilot Plant Relocation

Adbro Controls ensures safe and efficient equipment relocation between countries

The Challenge: International Pilot Plant Relocation


Case Study – Pilot Plant Relocation

Kraft Heinz, a global food conglomerate resulting from a merger, approached Adbro Controls for a significant pilot plant relocation project. The objective was to seamlessly transfer their research and development department from an Italian factory to an existing facility in Holland. Adbro Controls was selected due to their expertise in equipment relocation and their understanding of Kraft Heinz’s machinery and equipment. Their role involved ensuring the safe transportation and reinstallation of the assets between the two countries.

Considering the complexity and magnitude of the task, a meticulous strategy and execution plan was required. The goal was to ensure safe removal, transportation, and reinstallation of the equipment without hindering the company’s operational efficiency.

To complicate matters further, the project required the translation of all manuals from Italian to Dutch, along with amendments to electrical drawings. The task was not merely physical but required a fine balance of administrative prowess.

The primary challenge was to devise a method that ensured minimal disruption to Kraft Heinz’s daily operations and ensured the safety and integrity of the equipment during transportation.

Moving a process oven as part of a pilot plant relocation.
Machine relocation services from Adbro Controls.

The Solution: Masterminding the Intricate Pilot Plant Relocation

The Adbro Controls team worked tirelessly with Kraft Heinz and local contractors to devise a comprehensive plan, taking into account the nuances of both the originating and receiving sites. Our priority was to establish the most efficient and safe plan for this equipment relocation, meticulously considering aspects like window removal for enhanced access routes, appropriate safety guarding, and scheduling for seamless execution.

Our team leveraged their extensive knowledge in electrical and mechanical engineering to conduct a detailed audit of each piece of machinery. This step included backing up PLC software, careful disconnection of the equipment, and meticulous preparation for transport. Each piece of machinery was safely secured onto lorries for their journey across Europe.

Upon successful transportation to the Holland factory, our team conducted thorough checks to ensure no damage occurred during transit. Our priority was to confirm that each piece of equipment was still in its optimal condition before proceeding with the next phase of the project.

Reconnection of all equipment was performed at the new site. Following this, our team carried out comprehensive machine commissioning, trials, and safety checks, all in collaboration with the plant engineer. This process ensured the equipment was ready for operation, paving the way for the final sign-off.

An integral part of the relocation process was the translation of all equipment manuals from Italian to Dutch. Furthermore, we made the necessary adjustments to the electrical drawings, highlighting the importance of administrative tasks in a project of this magnitude.

In line with our commitment to providing an end-to-end solution, we also helped Kraft Heinz upgrade their old equipment on site. This step enabled us to ensure all machinery complied with the updated safety standards, bolstering the effectiveness of the pilot plant relocation.

The Results: A Successful Pilot Plant Relocation and More

This meticulously planned pilot plant relocation project allowed Kraft Heinz to safely transfer their research and development department without any damage to their equipment. Despite the complexity of the task, the project was completed within the agreed time frame, thereby ensuring uninterrupted operations for the company.

Leveraging our expertise in machine safety, we didn’t stop at just relocating the equipment. We were entrusted with the task of upgrading the old equipment on-site, a testament to the trust Kraft Heinz placed in our capabilities. The outcome was twofold – successful relocation and upgradation to meet the latest safety standards.

The overall project was an illustration of Adbro Controls’ commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions, regardless of the complexity or magnitude. The case also demonstrated our ability to adapt to challenges, deliver within agreed timelines, and, most importantly, meet our clients’ specific requirements.

The successful pilot plant relocation for Kraft Heinz further establishes Adbro Controls as a trusted partner in machine safety and equipment relocation. We continue to leverage our deep understanding of electrical and mechanical engineering to deliver top-notch solutions to clients worldwide. Our relationship with Kraft Heinz stands as a testament to our ability to handle multifaceted tasks, cementing our position as a trusted partner for global giants.

Our work with Kraft Heinz didn’t end with the relocation project; we continue to serve them, supporting their commitment to operational efficiency, safety, and innovation. This ongoing partnership exemplifies our dedication to supporting our clients long after the completion of a project, offering support and solutions that align with their evolving needs.