Pilot Plant Relocation

User Requirement

The fifth largest food company in the word, formed by the merge of Kraft Foods and Heinz approached us to assist with the relocation of their research and development department, from Italy to Holland.

Due to the closing of their factory based in Italy, Kraft Heinz required the safe removal and re installation of their equipment in their existing premises based in Holland. Specifically looking for a company that had a deep understanding of how their equipment works and the knowledge of how to safely transport it between two countries, they approached us to assist with the pilot plant relocation project.

Machine relocation services Adbro Controls.
Machine relocation services from Adbro Controls.

The Solution

Working closely with the team at Kraft Heinz and local contractors, we were able to look at both locations and establish the safest and most efficient relocation plan.  Ensuring elements such as the removal of windows for easier access routes of both buildings would be executed correctly with the appropriate safety guarding put in place. As well as confirming timescales and logistics of the teams to guarantee a smooth process overall.

Using our experience in electrical and mechanical engineering, the team carefully disconnected the equipment, before safely transferring the various pieces to the lorries for transportation. After a successful trip across Europe, and liaising with the team based at the Holland factory we were able to perform the appropriate checks to the equipment to ensure no damage had occurred in transit.
Once happy with the condition, our team re connected all equipment in the desired location, following up with a full machine trial and safety checks alongside the plant engineer to allow for sign off.

In addition to the relocation of the equipment. Kraft required all manuals to be translated from Italian to Dutch, in addition to this amendments to electrical drawings were also carried out. Administrative work is just as important as the manual labour within a project.

The Results

This carefully planned relocation allowed Kraft Heinz to safety relocate their department in a timely manner without any damages to their equipment occurring.

With our expertise in machine safety, Kraft Heinz also enlisted us to upgrade the old equipment on site. By taking on this additional task  we were able to ensure that all machinery within the project move would comply with the updated safety standards that were set.